7 Ways To Make The Most Money From Online Surveys

Smart work is better than hard work! If you are thinking about how to maximize your earnings from those paid survey panels online, then your search ends here. Rather than just leaving you with a list of online survey sites, we list down few points so that you are utilizing your time to get the maximum reward and money.

1. Filter Out The Fake Surveys

filter fake surverys

There are a plethora of survey sites out there and registering to each one of them can be tempting. However, you should remember that the more focus you put on broadening your horizon of earning money, the less time and less attention you put to each site and the lesser you earn. This is counter-intuitive but it’s true. You will be wasting your time with the hopes of earning more but it will only lower your morale if they turn up fake. Rather, filter out the best sites, which actually pay you and start putting your time and efforts in them. To make it easy for you, I have consolidated a small list of survey sites which are genuine and easy to set up. Find the list here.

2. Answer Smartly

answer surveys smartly

The questionnaire that you have to answer (the first survery) matters a lot. The algorithm within the website decides how knowledgeable you are about a particular topic from the responses you give.

Never give half-baked answer or negative responses. If the algorithm thinks, based on your responses, you are partly unsure about a few products, it will start to send you very less surveys.

The objective is to maximize your eligibility for as many demographics as possible, which will greatly boost your chance of getting as many surveys as possible.

3. Spend Time Wisely

answer surveys in time

We might get carried away by the idea of earning quick money or we might overthink about a question, which in result affects how the algorithm perceives your inputs. Spend just the right amount of time!

Attempt to complete the survey in a single sitting. However, you should not hurry to complete by giving random answers. The algorithm is smart enough to deny you payment. Be careful.

4. Never Hate a Product or a Brand

do not downvote survey questions

Market researchers have a brand in mind, for a product or service. However, most of the time they won’t let you know about the brand the survey is representing. They want your honest opinions about many brands. They may line up different brands, but you won’t know which one you are answering about.

I will suggest you to be considerate of all brand names you come across in a survey. If you have anything positive to say or think about a brand you hate, make sure to justify your answer by keeping it in mind.

5. Check Your Mail Regularly

check mail for surveys

Surveys should be taken as soon as they arrive, because there might not be enough number of requirements for a single survey and the late comers will surely miss the opportunity to take the survey. Here is what an extra email account, which is just made for the sake of it, can be handy. You don’t have to sift through the plethora of emails you get in your inbox everyday.

Moreover, it will make it easier to track the number of surveys you receive on a daily basis. The best I would suggest is to use the Email app in PlayStore and turn the notifications on for any incoming.

6. Refrain From Paying Anything

make money online

There is a trick played by some of the survey sites. They ask you to pay to become their premium member, wherein they will be sending you more surveys. Though you might be tempted to do so, refrain from paying any money whatsoever they claim.

People who are not that tech-savvy and unaware of the dangers out there fall prey to these types of scams. Here is a list of 8 best survey sites never ask for money and will pay you well.

7. Refer Your Friends

make money online by referring

We often have friends or family we would like to discover the magic of paid online surverys. Instead of just recommending the URL, would you like to be compensated for your efforts? Some survery sites offer a refer-a-friend program, wherein by becoming a member of the panel and referring friends or family members, you can earn additional cash or points. You will be provided with an affiliate link, which you can circulate amongst your friends who are willing to join or you can provide in your email signature or while posting in forums. Once people click and register through that link you will earn additional money.


A proper research to understand the reasoning behind the questionnaire and the impact they have can help you make the most money possible with online surveys. Knowing the motivation behind the inquiries, from the economic analyst’s viewpoint, can enable you to rearrange your thinking with the goal that your reactions are commonly gainful to you both.

Ultimately, you’ll get higher-paying study invitations, be qualified regularly, and get to successfully complete those top surveys. So whenever you’re going for a survey, remember these little insights, which will be handy.

Nevertheless, I would like to say that I am not in a slightest bit proposing that anyone lie on their survey questions. These market researchers spend a lot of time and money trying to get important data, of which you are a valuable resource.

However, knowledge is relative. You just have to understand why they’re asking you a question and you can answer accordingly. Like me, for instance. Technically, I am not a car owner myself, but I have the driven my father’s car many times and hence can answer the most basic questions of owning and maintaining a car with ease. I’d be perfectly capable to answer the whole survey intelligently, and without blame on my end. Helpful for both!


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