5 Best Ways To Earn Money From WhatsApp

As exciting it seems like, as exciting it is. Who doesn’t use WhatsApp? From kids to elders, you will find it installed in almost everyone’s phone. No wonder it has crossed more than one billion installs on Google PlayStore.

Since we do know that WhatsApp can come quite handy for sending instant messages and making communication all the more easier, and we give significant amount of our daily time, why not also use it also for making money?

Yes, you read it right, it is possible to earn money from Whatsapp! But how exactly? That is what we are going to discuss in this article.

After researching a lot, I have found 5 ways through which you can earn some extra cash right by tapping your fingers in WhatsApp.

Go through the article and figure out which works best for you.

1. Making Use of Link Shortening Services

By using a URL shortening Service or website, you can earn money online just by shortening the long URLs from various websites. Sounds easy right?

And the best part is that you can do it from your cellphone without the need of any technical skills. Moreover, it is not mandatory to have any blog or website, you can just share the link you had shortened.

Once people click on, it will show some ad, and redirect back to the original page. And in the meanwhile you warn some money.

This is a very popular method of earning money from WhatsApp and hence you should utilize it.


  1. Find any URL with interesting content, such as funny image, awesome content, video etc, which can earn you views.
  2. Shorten any URL (any video, audio, website) using an URL shortener such as Shorte.st.
  3. Share it with your WhatsApp contacts or on your WhatsApp group. The more people check it, the more you earn money. Create relevant groups on WhatsApp or join groups with lots of members.

The main goal should be to increase the number of views and the exposure of the shortened link. Not only WhatsApp, you can share it in your Twitter and Facebook timeline as well.

The more views you get, the more you earn. Consider providing a brief description regarding what the content is all about to gain trust.

Write a catchy description so that more and more people will click through, upon seeing the link and description.

Try to make sure that the first link you share will be amusing or well liked by people, so that next time you post, people click on your link blindly.

If all goes well, the link will definitely get clicks! For each click, you will be paid a certain amount of money. It may vary from $0.01 to 5$, depending on the country from where the clicks are recorded.

For clicks from developed countries like U.S.A, U.K., Australia, Germany etc, the payout rate is pretty decent.

So, it is safe to say that people from the above listed countries can definitely take advantage of this method and generate decent amount of money with relatively less effort!

2. Using Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing in whatsapp

The term marketing can seem complex to a few because when people come across this term, they think that they have to go door-to-door to sell products and earn commission.

But, this is where affiliate marketing differs from traditional marketing. You do not have to move from that comfy sofa of yours a bit and still do the marketing! No it’s not cold calling as well.

It’s just again, click a few links here and there and convincing people to click on it. Sounds fun right? And the commissions you earn is top notch.

Basically, Affiliate marketing is all about promoting products and services of companies/brands etc and earning a cut/commission for each sale you get! And how do you do that?

Well, they will provide you with a unique link for each product once you become their affiliate marketer. Once you promote a product, and a sale takes place because of that, you will be compensated a percentage of the total sale amount.

The more higher the price, the better your gains.

So, how to get get going? Keep calm and go through the steps below:

1.A simple Google search will lead you to programs, which have affiliate links. However, for beginners, I would recommend to go with the affiliate program of a renowned e-commerce company.

Yeah you guessed it right! Amazon! Their affiliate program is called Amazon Associates. It is a very popular affiliate program and people are making loads of money from it. So why not you?

Next, you choose which product you want to promote. What do you think your friends will like? What do you have a genuine interest for? Watches? Sunglasses? Hats? Find one from Amazon, collect your unique affiliate URL and promote it on WhatsApp!

Better to mention the price and why you thought it was special. Maybe you can tell them about a sale that is going on at time or a discount was being offered.

Consider providing a nice, intriguing description so that people will want to check it out. People will take interest, see the product, and some may go on to buy it. And what do you get? Money just by being an affiliate marketer.

Share the link directly with your contacts, share them on relevant groups. This is one of the tried-and-tested ways to earn good money online and returns a good commission.

Amazon was just an example. You won’t believe the number of websites, which offer you to be a affiliate. Leverage it and earn money from WhatsApp.

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3. Referring Apps That Pay

share apps and earn money

Nowadays, some apps in the PlayStore allow people to earn goodies just by referring the apps. One of them is mCent Browser, which allows you to earn free talktime.

Though you won’t get direct money but you’ll get free recharges, Paytm cash and more goodies. mCent Browser has a referral link as well, and the more you refer it people, the more cash you earn.

Other similar apps like TaskBucks and Ladooo also give instant recharges and referral links. So, you need to share their referral links in different WhatsApp contacts and groups and earn points.

Not that tough right? Though it is not a productive way to earn money but is useful for phone recharges.

4. Sharing Your Youtube Videos

use youtube for earning money

If anything, Youtube can be used to gain mass popularity. Once you gain a certain number of subscribers, you can monetize your channel. But where will you get so much of audience.

There is a saying that “Sharing is caring”, but nobody will care if you do not share yourself first. And what better place than WhatsApp?

The number of contacts people keep in their phone is increasing and the number of groups they are part of is also huge. Leverage it to its potential and earn money.

What you need to do? Well, you know any skill, know comedy, want to comment of a socio-political matter or just want to make a video of anything you’re good at and want to teach people, just record it and upload it. Follow these steps:

  1. Recognize what you’re good at. Make a video (it doesn’t have to be the best video ever). Just make it, do a bit of editing and upload it. If it features useful content and you think people will like it, then share it.
  2. Take the video’s URL and share it in your WhatsApp group. Humans are visual creatures and like to watch visual stuff more than text. And how can you deny the fact that people would love to watch a video made by their friends.
  3. Share it with them and ask them to re-share. Informative content gets shared umpteen number of times and that is what gains you subscribers. Once you have enough subscribers, you can start to monetize your content in Youtube.

A recommendation would be to create content, which is informative and relevant for the global audience. Refrain from sharing personal videos.

5. Selling To Earn Money
From WhatsApp

sell to earn money

I am sure there are unnecessary stuff lying around near you: that old refrigerator, that old monitor or TV or bike. Why to keep them and make them rust?

Why not sell them and make some cash? Exactly! If you’re to do it physically, you have spread it through word of mouth. It is time-consuming and not worth it.

Online selling sites such as Olx can be used, but you never know who is on the other side and some people find it quite risky to sell it to some stranger. This is where you WhatsApp group can be useful.

And that is why WhatsApp groups can be trusted, because even if you do not know a person, you can expect your friend to know him. Once you’re ready, do the following:

  1. Take some high-quality images of the product. Taking it from different angles, which make it look it premium.
  2. Post the images, the quoted price and reason for your selling. Refrain from saying that it is old ( if it only 1 – 2 years old). Say that you’re in need of urgent cash and therefore want to sell it. People will take note of that and might want to buy it. Negotiate and reach a perfect price. That is one way of online marketing!

In case you are not a part of any WhatsApp group, create it! Go to Facebook, join groups, recommend creating a WhatsApp group. If the majority agrees, create it, share the link and ask them to join.

Once you have enough members, start promoting. It requires a bit of patience, but if a group has a high number of people, the chances of your links getting clicked also increases.

Try your best! If you have any new tips to share or have any feedback to give, feel free mention it in the comment section below.

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